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Put A Mirror Down Somewhere

Started by kungfooman, Aug 22, 2019, 05:11 PM

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Put a mirror down somewhere. Everything that is in front of it, is reflected in it, exactly as it appears. The mirror is unable to differentiate, therefore it reflects things exactly as they are. The same is the case with the master. He is open to the pure mirror of his spirit and is unclouded by any consciousness which separates and distinguishes one thing from another, distinguishing between good and evil. Yes his mirror-like soul is not blind to "this" and "that", to "good" and "evil". He sees without being forced by his habitual patterns to judge. If the mirror of the soul is pure and free from the slightest trace of prejudice, then everything in the sees between heaven and earth, is reflected in it, just as it is. A man who possesses such a mirror is absolutely present in perfect command of the moment and the attitude of mind which is called for at that point. He can produce natural action, wonderful in that it can be subjected to every conceivable change, wether in the art of fencing or in any of the arts of life, containing the wisdom of the Buddha.

SOURCE: Japanese Zen Master