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Character Ethics

Started by kungfooman, Aug 08, 2019, 09:20 AM

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About meaning of life, so many people nowadays are just cynicists, crying about their life, how they are slaves of the system, pretty much depressed.

This is why I find the Character Ethics so interesting, values like:

 - patience (everything of value needs time to create)
 - compassion (reduce suffering of oneself and others)
 - courage (standing up for your own beliefs)
 - integrity/honesty (actually act on what you know/believe, what is knowledge/belief worth if somebody doesn't act on it)
 - growth (growing to become more socially interdependent and independent/self-differentiated)
 - excellence (only in a specific field, since nobody can know everything, resulting in interdependence)
 - service (actively helping a cause, which increases the wealth of society and always comes back to oneself)
 - potential (everybody starts small, it takes effort to grow)
 - nurturance (help others grow and release their potential)

If ones character has those values, that person simply can't be a slave by definition. Rather being a interdependent part of the whole.